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package mylib
final case class MyBox[A](get: A)
object MyBox extends LowPriorityMyBox {
implicit val myMonadForMyBox: MyMonad[MyBox] = new MyMonad[MyBox] {
override def pure[A](a: A): MyBox[A] = MyBox(a)
override def flatMap[A, B](fa: MyBox[A])(f: A => MyBox[B]): MyBox[B] = f(fa.get)
implicit def optionalCatsFunctorForMyBox[F[_[_]]: CatsFunctor]: F[MyBox] = {
new cats.Functor[MyBox] {
def map[A, B](fa: MyBox[A])(f: A => B): MyBox[B] =
trait LowPriorityMyBox {
type Fixup[A] = A
implicit def optionalCatsSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariantForMyBox[F[_[_]]: CatsSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariant]: Fixup[F[MyBox]] = {
new ImpllSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariant[MyBox] {
def combineK[A](x: MyBox[A], y: MyBox[A]): MyBox[A] = y
def product[A, B](fa: MyBox[A], fb: MyBox[B]): MyBox[(A, B)] = MyBox((fa.get, fb.get))
def imap[A, B](fa: MyBox[A])(f: A => B)(g: B => A): MyBox[B] = MyBox(f(fa.get))
private final abstract class CatsFunctor[F[_[_]]]
private object CatsFunctor {
@inline implicit final def get: CatsFunctor[cats.Functor] = null
private final abstract class CatsIsAvailable
private object CatsIsAvailable {
implicit def get[F[_[_]]: CatsFunctor]: CatsIsAvailable = null
private final abstract class CatsSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariant[F[_[_]]]
private object CatsSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariant {
implicit def get(implicit haveCats: CatsIsAvailable): CatsSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariant[ImpllSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariant] = null
private trait ImpllSemigroupalSemigroupKInvariant[K[_]] extends cats.Semigroupal[K] with cats.SemigroupK[K] with cats.Invariant[K]