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SBT build generator for role-based projects, based on Ammonite and Coursier.

Details: Monorepo or Multirepo? Role-Based Repositories.

See also: role-based projects for .NET/C# and JS

Quick Start

Create a file and paste the following code:

coursier launch com.lihaoyi:ammonite_2.13.0:1.6.9 --fork -M ammonite.Main -- $*
import $ivy.`io.7mind.izumi.sbt::sbtgen:0.0.66`, izumi.sbtgen._, izumi.sbtgen.model._

val globalSettings = GlobalSettings(
  groupId = "",

def entrypoint(args: String*): Unit = {
  Entrypoint.main(MyProject.root, globalSettings, Seq("-o", ".") ++ args)

object Platforms {
  val jvm = PlatformEnv(
    platform = Platform.Jvm,
    language = Seq(ScalaVersion("2.13.3")),
    settings = Seq("scalacSettings" += "-Xlint:_"),

object MyProject {
  val root = Project(
    name = ArtifactId("my-project"),
    aggregates = Seq(
        name = ArtifactId("my-lib"),
        artifacts = Seq(
            name = ArtifactId("my-module-a"),
            libs = Seq.empty,
            depends = Seq.empty,
            platforms = Seq(Platforms.jvm),
            groups = Set(Group("groupA")),
            name = ArtifactId("my-module-b"),
            libs = Seq.empty,
            depends = Seq.empty,
            platforms = Seq(Platforms.jvm),
            groups = Set(Group("groupB")),

Install Coursier and launch the script:

chmod +x

Alternatively, you may launch it with Ammonite if it's installed:


This will generate build.sbt for my-project in current directory.

Use ./ -u groupA or ./ -u groupB to build only my-module-a or my-module-b

Use ./ --help for help:

$ ./ --help
Error: Unknown option --help
Usage: sbtgen [options]

  --nojvm               disable jvm projects
  --js                  enable js projects
  --native              enable native projects
  --nta                 don't publish test artifacts
  -d, --debug           enable debug output
  -c, --compactify      deduplicate repetative settings
  -t, --isolate-tests   don't inherit test scopes
  -o, --output <value>  output directory
  -u, --use <value>     use only groups specified
Cannot parse commandline

IDE Support

Intellij has built-in support for Ammonite scripts, if it doesn't work go to Preferences -> Languages and Frameworks -> Scala -> Worksheet and change Treat .sc files as: to Always Ammonite

To enable syntax highlighting for the library, ensure that is opened as an Ammonite script – there should be a Run script button in the upper-left corner. Press it, after script finishes Intellij should prompt to include $ivy dependencies in the script into the project – this will enable full IntelliSense for the script.

Example projects

Complete projects that use this tool:

Contributors: how to publish

To release new version via CI:

sbt +clean +test release

To publish manually:

sbt +clean +sonatypeBundleClean +publishSigned +sonatypeBundleRelease