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Improving Windows, one by one
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Latest commit 5adf562 @ChrisS85 ChrisS85 Update FileDelete.ahk
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Accessor bug fixes, about character sets
Actions Update FileDelete.ahk
Conditions Cleaned up Wiki links, putting them into their single classes and rem…
DebugView Initial Commit
Events Fixed control positioning
Explorer/Explorer Further cleanup
Generic SVN Cleanup
Icons Added icons to Event list context menu
Lib Fixed tooltip regression bug
Patches SVN Cleanup
ShellExtension Moved ShellExtension.dll in different directories for each platform
Tools SVN Cleanup
Triggers bug fixes, about character sets
128.png Initial Commit
7+-128.ico Initial Commit
7+-w.ico Initial Commit
7+-w2.ico Initial Commit
7+3d.pdf Added vector graphics of the 7plus logo
7+plain.pdf Added vector graphics of the 7plus logo
7+plain_thin.pdf Thin version of plain logo
7plus.ahk -Event patch system
7plus.ahk.ini SVN Cleanup
7plus.exe bug fixes, about character sets
7za.exe SVN Cleanup
AU3_Spy.exe Initial Commit
AutoExecute.ahk -Event patch system
CApplicationState.ahk SVN Cleanup
CSettings.ahk -Event patch system
CSettingsWindow.ahk Hotkeys labels and fixes for the context menu
Changelog.txt SVN Cleanup
Clipboard.ahk SVN Cleanup
ContextMenu.ahk SVN Cleanup
CreateEventPatch.ahk -Event patch system
Debugging.ahk Reverted setting DbgView to listen to messages from all processes sin…
Deployment.ahk -Fixed syntax error
Donate.ico SVN Cleanup
Donate.png SVN Cleanup
EventEditor.ahk -Fixed inability to configure Triggers
EventSystem.ahk Added a search function for events by subevent key
Explorer.ahk -Improved Icon support for notification action
ExplorerTabs.ahk SVN Cleanup
FastFolders.ahk SVN Cleanup
FolderButtonManager.ahk SVN Cleanup
Globals.ahk SVN Cleanup
Hotstrings.ahk SVN Cleanup
ImageConverter.ahk Added icons to various buttons
JoyControl.ahk SVN Cleanup
Language.ahk Removed Translation system to switch to GCode Translation
License GPL.txt Changed license text to GLP3 (as in GCode)
MessageHooks.ahk Added some more exception checks for COM errors
MiscFunctions.ahk Fixed control positioning
Placeholders.ahk Some cleanup Initial commit
Registry.ahk SVN Cleanup
Shell.ahk Fixed Shell File Operations on x64
SlideWindows.ahk SVN Cleanup
SubEventGUIBuilder.ahk -Fixed inability to configure Triggers
TaskBar.ahk Started work on cleaning up autoupdating
TaskButton.ahk SVN Cleanup
Uninstall.ahk Moved ShellExtension.dll in different directories for each platform
Uninstall.ico SVN Cleanup
UpdateCreator.ahk -Event patch system
Updater.ahk Updated UpdateCreator.ahk to exclude new files
Updater.ahk.ini SVN Cleanup
WindowFinder.ahk SVN Cleanup
WindowHandling.ahk -Fixed inability to configure Triggers
WindowsSettings.ahk SVN Cleanup Changed license text to GLP3 (as in GCode)
xml.ahk SVN Cleanup


Improving windows, one by one

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