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-<pre><code>$ cd your_repo_root/repo_name
-$ git fetch origin
-$ git checkout gh-pages
+<pre><code>Hello guys, this is my first website and I’m gonna use it in a better way (lolz.)
+Now what should I post about? Of course Information Security.
+But firstly, let me tell you about myself.
+As the domain name suggests, my name is 李秋楓.
+I’m a Computer Science student at National Taiwan University with an interest in web application
+security, software engineering/development, database systems, and a smattering of other areas.
+In this blog, I’ll only post about the security methods of different kind of attacks. Sometimes linux
+OK, so this is all I wanted to say in my first post.
+Take Care.
+Good Bye.
+See you soon guys.
+Be online Be Safe.

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