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Generates F# code from protobuff schema for binary and json format
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Falanx code generation

This repository contains the code generator to generate F# source (.fs files) from ProtoBuff v3 schema.

The general concepts are as follows:

  • Code generation, to generate F# source code, rather than types being injected as a type provider.
  • Idiomatic F# code is generated rather than simple .NET 1.1 era code. This means records, discriminated unions, etc., are generated where appropriate.

How to use

In a .NET Sdk library project, add the following packages

<PackageReference Include="Falanx.Proto.Codec.Binary" Version="0.4.*" />
<PackageReference Include="Falanx.Proto.Codec.Json" Version="0.4.*" />
<PackageReference Include="Falanx.Sdk" Version="0.4.*" PrivateAssets="All" />

It's possibile to use only one of Falanx.Proto.Codec.Binary and Falanx.Proto.Codec.Json or both, the generated code will depends on the packages referenced

Now specify the .proto file path like

    <ProtoFile Include="..\proto\bundle.proto" />

and an auto generated file will be created on build

More info in example-sdk/


Install the .NET template for an example library sample

dotnet new -i Falanx.Templates
dotnet new falanx

use --codec argument to specify the codecs (values json,binary,all)


It's possibile to use falanx as command line .NET global tool

dotnet tool install -g Falanx.Tool
falanx --help

To generate a .fs file for a specified .proto file:

falanx --inputfile test\examples\schemas\bundle.proto --defaultnamespace test --outputfile bundle.fs

More info in example\

How to build Falanx

More info in docs/

Use the src/Falanx.sln solution for development, or directly the projects with .NET Core Sdk (dotnet).


  • src/Falanx.Tool the falanx console app, run with dotnet run
  • test/Falanx.Tests the unit test, run with dotnet run
  • test/Falanx.IntegrationTests the integration tests, run with dotnet run

As shortcuts, from root:

  • dotnet build to build the falanx executable Falanx.Tool.
  • dotnet pack to generate packages in bin/nupks
  • dotnet test -v n to run tests

To build packages

From root

dotnet pack

The nupkgs will be in bin/nupkg

To specify a version pass the Version property like /p:Version=0.1.0-alpha7


Falanx use

  • Type Provider SDK common type for quotation and AST support
  • FsAst untyped F# AST to code via the code formatter Fantomas
  • Froto protobuff parser and binary serializer
  • Fantomas code formatter and linter


This repository is actively monitored by Jet Engineers and the Jet Security team. Please monitor this repo for security updates and advisories. For more information and contacts, please see SECURITY

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