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Modernize ndn.js at 7th NDN Hackathon

Team members:

Motivation, Goals, and Progress

TypeScript declaration

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. Junxiao selected TypeScript for several of my projects, because TypeScript performs type checking at compile time, and therefore reduces the chance of having a bug related to passing a variable with the wrong type. One problem he's been encountering is that ndn.js lacks a TypeScript declaration file, and therefore the TypeScript compiler cannot perform type checking whenever he uses a class or function from ndn.js.

During this hackathon, Junxiao wrote a TypeScript declaration file for ndn.js. It covers frequently used classes including Name Name.Component Interest Data MetaInfo Signature KeyChain Face. After the hackathon, we plan to contribute this TypeScript declaration file to DefinitelyTyped repository to be distributed as NPM @types/ndn-js package.

Promise API

ndn.js's public APIs are mostly callback-based. For example,

  (interest, data) => { console.log("got Data"); },
  (interest) => { console.log("timeout"); },
  (interest, nack) => { console.log("got Nack"); },

A modern alternative to callbacks is Promise. This allows a simpler syntax:

const data = await face.expressInterestPromise(interest);
console.log("got Data");

During this hackathon, Omar wrote this function as well as Face.prototype.registerPrefixPromise. We plan to contribute this to main ndn.js codebase.


ndn.js's browser bundle was built with Waf. During this hackathon, Mheni tried several modern bundlers, and got browserify somewhat working. We plan to fix the remaining bugs, and contribute this to main ndn.js codebase.


TypeScript Consumer

consumer.ts demonstrates that having TypeScript declaration files enables type checking in ndn-js applications. Notice the "strict": true setting in tsconfig.json.

npm run build
DEBUG=* node build/consumer.js

Browser ndnping

ndnping.html demonstrates a ndn.js bundle compiled with Browserify. It also uses Face.prototype.expressInterestPromise API instead of callback-based Face.prototype.expressInterest.