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University of Earth-L4's entry for NASA SpaceApps 2198 challenge - 200 years of space habitation history

Relive the historical mass terrestrial exodus of the 21st century and take the first wandering steps into the boundless frontier that we now call home. Recommended for entities human-age-equivalent-rating 12 and up.



Released: 2298

Genre: Adventure, Educational, Simulation

Perspective: 3rd-Person Perspective, Side-Scrolling, Human

Theme: Managerial, Real-Time

Educational: Planetology, History

read more about it on the wiki!


Begin Historical Role-Play

This is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek re-creation of The Oregon Trail, from the perspective of a 30th century intelligence. Rogue-lite, procedural, and nearly impossible to win.

Want to know more? Head over to the game wiki.


First steps:

  1. make github account
  2. say hello Gitter
  3. see for dev setup instructions

version 2.x.x

Version 2.x.x is still in-development! Features from version 1.x.x are being ported into phaser.js, and 2.x.x will no longer depend on angular.js. This will make the code more accessible to future developers and will allow for a more smooth user (and developer) experience switching between game states.

Getting Started

Various game states are initialized and the first "gameState" activated in ./; this file makes for a good entry point into the code. The website is bundled together using less & browserify using the script; more information about building is in Issues tagged "easyFix" may be good starting points.

version 1.x.x

Basic, bare bones version for spaceapps comepetion. Includes some original features of The Oregon Trail.

This is the version currently on display on our gh-pages-powered website.

This version was built using a custom modular design using angular.js. Development on this branch (angular-legacy) has stopped, but if you want to pick it up please fork the project and take a look at the 1.x.x project tracking board for archived discussions/issues.


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