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Helps ya help Alfred log stuff to Day One
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Day One Tools.alfredworkflow

Day One Alfred Tools

Here is my post about this workflow of the Alfred forum. You can request features there. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them there or by email at

What it needs

At this point, this Alfred Workflow requires:

  • The Day One CLI
  • That you're using Safari or Chrome (FF looks like a no-go at the present moment)

(It used to require a Ruby script by Bret Terpstra but I decided the ease of installation beat out his date logic. I assume most people weren't using it.)

When you first import it, change, if you'd like, the variables in the lw script

  • browser: Which browser you want to use. "Safari" or "Chrome". Safari is default.
  • prefix: What comes before a link. Default is Reading:
  • separator: What separates a link and a comment. Default is -. Change to \n\n if you would like the comment to be on a separate line.
  • quoteSeparator: What separates a link and a quote. Default is :\n\n>.

The applescript files are just for you to look at and for me to keep track of changes. You only need to download the extension itself to get things working.

What it does

  • log logs to Day One. log example
  • lw and lw!-- "log web" -- log the frontmost website and title as a link. lw! creates a starred entry. lw example
  • lw comment and lw! comment do the same, but with a comment. lw with comment exmaple
  • lwq and lwq! create an entry with a link and the text on the clipboard as a quote. lwq example

Errors: Everything worked out unless

  • You got a notification with just a title and no text,
  • You got a notification with a title and an error, or
  • You didn't get a notification.

What it doesn't do yet

  • Add a lwq comment function.
  • Combine the log and lw scripts.
  • Tick marks don't work.
  • When the script can't get to Safari, it fails silently.

What's changed

  • Added support for Chrome and returned the default formatting options to normal.
  • Switched over to just use the Day One CLI. I imagine this will be about three times easier to get set up and doesn't lose much functionality.
  • Added a notification letting using know that the script ran successfully. Requested here.
  • Added lwq and lwq!, which add a link and any text in your clipboard as a quote.
  • Added an easier way to change the text separating the link and comment. Requested here.
  • Added images to the readme.
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