A best & newest & fastest rails 5.2 template for senior rails developer.
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rails-template has supported the newest rails( 5.2 ) setup

A best & newest & fastest rails template for chinese senior rails developer.

It's a best starting for your new rails project.

An example built with rails-template: https://github.com/80percent/rails-template-example

How to use

Install dependencies:

  • postgresql

    $ brew install postgresql

    Ensure you have already initialized a user with username: postgres and password: postgres( e.g. $ createuser -d postgres )

  • rails 5

    Update ruby up to 2.2 or higher, and install rails 5.2

    $ ruby -v ( output should be 2.2.x or 2.3.x or 2.4.x )

    $ gem sources --add https://gems.ruby-china.org/ --remove https://rubygems.org/ (optional)

    $ gem install rails

    $ rails -v ( output should be rails 5.2.x )


  1. Add gems.ruby-china.org to your bundle mirrors (optional)

    $ bundle config mirror.https://rubygems.org https://gems.ruby-china.org

  2. Create your own rails app applying rails-template

    $ rails new myapp -m https://raw.github.com/80percent/rails-template/master/composer.rb

What we do

rails-template apply lots of good components for you to make development damn quick.

  1. we use Ruby on Rails 5. ActionCable and Turbolinks features are opened by default.

  2. Bootstrap4 and font-awesome are integrated to make your products UI easily, it aslo has some example pages for you to quickly start.

  3. active_storage and local file mode are opened by default.

  4. mina and its plugins are the best & simplest deployment tools in the world for rails app.

  5. slim, rspec, high_voltage and so on.

Other gems integrated in rails-template are worth learning seriously.

Integrated mainly technology stack

  • Ruby on Rails 5.2
  • bootstrap 4
  • font-awesome
  • figaro
  • postgres
  • slim
  • simple_form
  • high_voltage
  • active_storage & upyun
  • sidekiq
  • kaminari
  • mina
  • puma
  • lograge

Deployment document

Projects that using rails-template

Welcome to pull request to update this if you choose rails-template for your new rails app.


80percent team