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  • 这个补丁,可以让你在windows 10中完美的运行《命令与征服·红色警戒2+尤里的复仇资料片》,
  • This patch allows you to run "Command & Conquer, Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge" on Windows 10.
  • 在使用之前,你应该遵守我的规则:你可以下载和使用并且将这个补丁通过 这个超级链接 引用或分享给其他人,但是你不可以做有关于重新打包,转载、复制、盗窃的举动。
  • Before using it, you should follow my rules: You can download and user it.You can pass this patch this hyperlink Quote or share with others, but you can't do anything about repackaging, reprinting, copying, or stealing.
  • 本补丁中的ddraw.dllwsock32.dll均来自开源社区。
  • Both ddraw.dll and wsock32.dll in this patch are from the open source community.
  • 本补丁免费提供,如果你看到有任何商业行为,包括比如淘宝店铺在内的一些商业行为,请向我举报,谢谢。
  • This patch is available free of charge. If you see any commercial activities, including those in Taobao stores, please report them to me. Thank you.
  • 补丁使用方法:
  • How to use the patch:
    1.本补丁在windows 8和windows 8.1中也可以用,不仅仅局限于windows 10.
    1. This patch can also be used in windows 8 and windows 8.1, not only limited to windows 10.
    2. The scaling of the system must be: 100%. Setting method: 1 Click the Start button 2 Enter Set function 3 Select System option 4 Select Show option 5, Scaling and layout find Change the size of text, applications, etc., Select 100%, then log out or restart your computer.
    3. Now open your game directory. If you have changed files or something else before, it's best to download it again.
    4. Copy all the files in the patch to your game directory. He may be prompted to be overwritten. Select Yes.
    5. If you are using origin client, it will automatically set Ra2.exe, RA2MD.exe, YURI.exe`` compatibility options for you after downloading. , Compatibilityremove any of their compatibility options.
    6. If your resolution is not 1920*1080, change it in ra2.ini and ra2md.ini.
    7. Open your game now and enjoy it.
    8.Click this link to join the QQ group chat: May Fantasy 048 - Play the game, let us communicate red alert together.

PS.The .win suffix file is used to play games on the origin platform using the windowing mode. If needed, the .win suffix can be removed.

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