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Current project for local pizza company, R & R Pizza Express Marana


11/26/2017: Initial commit. Nav, Home, About, and Special sections done.

11/28/2017: Per request, added original stock image to slider. Will replace remaining two images with more of their own once provided. Added two images of front (old and new) to About Us page. Also adjusted the col-width and padding. Adjusted cheese pizza image provided by client to be darker/blurry. Applied to back of Daily Specials section per client request. Removed 'include' from Daily Specials section. Removed and added numerous images to img folder to avoid clutter.

11/29/2017: Added Parallax.js file/script to main file. Applied to Specials section thus far. Also added rounded borders to About images.

11/30/2017: Started adding menu items and pizza table to Menu section.

12/3/2017: Adjusted some headings within site and menu headers Added specialty section. Added items within specialty section, all up to Supreme. Adjusted background to be offset on big screens, and centered on mobile. Provided weekly update to client. Replaced rrBackground.png with logoBackground.png.

12/6/2017: Altered numerous classes to 'make more sense'. Adjusted font sizes for most of page for big and small screens. Added background and box shadow to daily special Added buffalo wings, pizza/wing combo, and salads to site.

12/10/2017 Client replied. Asked for less spacing between pizzas, reduced menu_item_container top margin from 48 to 24. Also per client request, increased size of RR logo on menu background. Increased size, removed logoBackground.png and replaced with logoBackgroundLarge.png.

12/11/2017 Corrected Specialty to reflect Specialty Pizzas. Corrected supreme XL to 20.00 Added gluten info

12/13/2017 Added to Sandwich area. Added toppings for sandwiches. Cold/Hot text added. Added all sandwiches, separated hot and cold sandwiches. Addd disclaimer at bottom. Menu finished at this time.

12/14/2017 Created and added map with custom icon (style subject to change)

12/17/2017 Changed nav item Contact/Location to Location & Contact Placed map inside of Contact section Added address and 'deliver area' text above map (icon not clickable yet) Added hours of op below map Placed lunch specials within Our Specials section Adjusted a few classes, fonts, margins, and paddings regarding normal and responsive sizes Make phone number at top for mobile clickable for phones Update to git includes 12/14 update

12/18/2017 Increased size of phone number at top of site for mobile devices

12/19/2017 Added How to Contact area Added tel a link to phone number

12/21/2017 Added QCC area Added form Adjusted colors of form Added .php form file

12/24/2017 Added Footer and all relevant info Added .png of delivery area to file, linked via car icon

12/26/2017 Small adjustments to contact area with media queries

12/28/2017 Moved lunch specials to below Menu heading Removed text under Menu heading Moved gluten info under the size/sauces table Added 'toppings' above toppings Created new delivery area pdf to include the RR logo, also added logo to the main map

12/30/2017 Added text to calzone section Added text to pasta section Separated pastas with dots Added text to pizza sub Placed pricing for calzone, pasta, and sandwiches at top just before header Added minus signs before/after prices of calzone, pasta and sandwiches Created Bold class, added to all prices (alt to increasing size) Placed daily special prices under desc, added bold class Added strong to Monday and Wed specials, specific text

1/7/2018 Altered daily specials by increasing text sizes and adding drop shadows Adjusted the Pick of 2 menu item to be more presentable Increased topping and flavor text size, added 'Flavors' to sauce flavors Reduced width of sizes shown for pizzas to be same as parent Added disclaimer to form

1/8/2018 Added 'About Us' text to page Increased font size of 'About Us' text

1/15/2018 Removed amount saved from specials Added years under About Us images Altered Pick of 2 text Added 'garlic' to first breadstick item Added 'toppings' to salad menu item, same as sandwiches Changed specialHolder at top to have red background, and white text Corrected a some spelling errors

1/16/2018 Added 7 new images to site (bread, closeup, cutting, dining_room, sammich, and toppings added to slide. clock input as new specials background)

1/21/2018 Many images updates/changes. Added white sauce image, clock, pepperoni zoomed out, and veggie images to slider. Changed about us images to interior before/after pics. Changed specials background to dark pepperoni pizza.

4/8/2018 Few updates Added Files file for application Added application button and text to index.html Added appropriate CSS for button, including margin, and a tag color/decoration Per client request, made breadsticks share same line. Instead of col-12, went with col-md-3.