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Update list

2/20/2018 Created repo. Up to this point, the home area was created, as was the about and services sections. The modal for services was just finished. Aiming to have navbar appear at about section then should be able to proceed with rest of site.

2/20/2018 Started testimonial section. Not finished, still deciding if indicators will remain. Need to increase font size and adjust for smaller sizes (including heading).

2/21/2018 Reviewed testimonial section. Decided to keep the slide indicators as I was able to adjust it's position correctly. Added different colors to testimonial section. Brought in the navbar overlay for smaller devices. Created main nav for when the rest of the page is viewed. Enabled smooth scrolling for the nav links. Adjusted about us section by removing the image and adding client provided text.

2/22/2018 About us section adjusted, placed header at top/center. Adjusted mission statement font size and boldness.

2/23/2018 Lots of updates! Navbar Overlay background lightened, whitesmoke color applied to text. Contact section completed (all correct information input, php form added *tested). Map added. Removed padding from .container-fluid and left/right margins from .row. Adjusted navbar-toggler margin to keep it off the edges and added background color. Added hover to buttons (same as when clicked). Added top/bottom padding to entire sections (not testimonial) instead of the rows within. Added if/else statement to smooth scroll script. Now, if screen is bigger then specified, when a nav is clicked, it will come up a few pixels above the clicked section. If the screen is smaller (mobile), now the scroll will go straight to the section. Without this, there would be empty space above the section. Added footer, added href for email address. Added href for company email and phone number. Added notification to home section indicating tax season hours.

2/24/2018 Added numerous labels to html and css indicating sections and such. Adjusted responsive font-size for notification class. Added JS folder, included parallax.js file, added parallax script to bottom of html, and lastly added below to home div tag: data-parallax="scroll" data-speed="0.3" data-image-src="img/alan-carrillo-519693.jpg"

2/26/2016 Post release (Live as of this morning, YAY!!) Added & to Corporate & Partnership Returns text. Made overlay background darker (from .6 to .75). Reduced footer text size at smaller resolution.

3/7/2018 Post release Reduced image size of home background to improve load times (reduced by half). Added text drop shadow to testimonials go bring them out more and not blend in with the background as much.

3/8/2018 Post release (Loading Screen Update) Added loading screen code to file Added #load-parent and #load to html. Added appropriate CSS within own 'loading' section. Added script to run loading at bottom of html.

3/8/2018 1.1 Adjusted color to loading screen. Finalized version, uploading to live site.

4/18/2018 1.2 Notification on front page given 'display: none' as tax season is over.