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0_0 Soldering Instruction

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Soldering Instructions

Please refer to our new wiki

Parts Placement

Download printable 8BitMixtapeNEO_PartsPlacement

SMD parts


Part Value SMD-Code Amount
R1, R2 4.7K 4701 (472 2
R3-R6, R11, R12 22K 2202 (223 7
R7, R8 330Ohm 3300 (331) 2
R9, R10 1K 1001 (102) 2
C1-C3 100nF 3
LED1, LED2 red/blue 2
NEO-Pixel SK6812 8


Part Value SMD-Code Amount
C4 10µF 1

Tips for SMD soldering

IT's EASY!!!

Tools and Materials needed

Solder your frist Part

Careful with the NEO-Pixels


Big Parts


Part Value Amount
Buttons shorten legs 2
On/Off Switch bend/cut legs 1
IC-Socket DIL-8 1
Attiny85 plug it in 1


Part Value Amount
Potentiometer 10K lin 2
AudioJack 3.5m Stereo 2
Side-Connector 4 Pin female 2
(external power) 2 Pin/USB optional 1
(AAA Holder) optional 2

Tips for soldering

coming soon...

Power Management

AAA Battery holders

other options

External PowerPack

Using USB-wired power

Using LiPo Battery

Deluxe Options

Parts Overview

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