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0_1 Examples 8BitMixtape NEO

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8Bit Mixtape NEO

See also ChrisMicro's repository with maaaany new codes.


Test all the components of your hardware.


A claasiic by ChrisMicro!! Sounds like a heavy metal guitar or Pulp Fictions soundtrack.

  • leftPot defines pitch,
  • rightPot how fast the guitar is plucked.
  • buttons do nothing.
  • sorry now LEDs, bro...


Algorithmic sounds, inspired by Viznut. Updated the classic OneLiners to the 8Bit Mixtape NEO, turn on/off visuals.

snd = t*((t>>12|t>>8)&63&t>>(p1>>3));

  • leftPot: changes something in the formula (p1, in example above)
  • turn leftPot to left to toggle between analogWrite and digitalWrite
  • right change sample speed
  • buttonLeft: changing OneLiner
  • buttonRight: Stop NEO-pixel Visuals (makes clearer sound)

IrqPcControlSynth 054

PC controlled synthesizer with two LFO and one HFO To control the synth you need this java application. Download Main_IrqPcControllerForSynth.jar

On windows just click on it to start it. On linux you can run it from command line:

java -jar ./Main_IrqPcControllerForSynth.jar
java -jar ~/Arduino/AttinySound/_053_IrqPcControlSynth/java/Main_IrqPcControllerForSynth.jar

How to use it? Figure it out yourself, dude.


  • switch to external SyncIn to start envelope (2 button press)
  • then be able to control the envelope with the AMD MOD section
  • send FREQ MOD LFO as SyncOut

NeoPixel Sequencer 061 dusjagrMod2

8 step sequencer with different waveforms by ChrisMicro.

Press both bottoms at the same time to start cycle. Updated sequencer, more colors, adjust envelope, smooth waveform selection

// progMode

  • leftPot: waveform (changes color of stepLED)
  • rightPot: frequency (hysteresis, don't move to keep previous value)
  • buttonLeft: 1 step backward
  • buttonRight: 1 step forward
  • both Buttons: Start playMode

// playMode

  • leftPot: duration of envelope
  • rightPot: clock speed
  • both Buttons: switch to progMode

NeoPixel Sequencer 062 with Sync-Out

Same as above, but see here to connect to other synthesizers.


A nice little synth noisy toy. We should add more settings to it.

  • rightButton: toggle to always ON, and switch to next setting
  • leftButton: trigger tone once and start ADSR.
  • pots do various things that I will never understand....

Updated the synth (12), for cooler LED effects and other stuff

Family Mart Chime

Because we can... Greetings from Taipei!

  • Press rightButton to start playing the "song"

One Pixel Board


(Attiny SoundPitix-VCO NEO)

Outdated, but here due to historic reasons. A simple VCO, slightly outdated software syhnth, but cool with visuals now. Board needs to be restarted again after upload to work properly.

Gär Lämpli - ギャランプリー - 起酵燈仔

Gär Lämpli - ギャランプリー

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