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2_3 Protoypes

Marc Dusseiller edited this page Mar 5, 2017 · 9 revisions

Prototype boards

Prototype for Breadboard Use

Self-made on perfboard

see more on how to make it here

Self-etched, 1-sided

Chris geeking with circular 12 LED rings

dusjagr's Proto-NEO 8Bit Mixtape

let's get another prototype working made at proto-lab in Tokyo hotelroom

Making a protoype of the 8Bit Mixtape based on Schematics 0.9

ugly backside... added big caps and that charging unit from china.

Eagle version by Yair

Hmmm eagle... why not KiCAD?

1Pixel Black-Box

...and a really ugly version

Fredrik's test on Breadboard

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