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2_4 Shenzhen Ready Made_in_Taiwan

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PCB Design for Manufacturing

Version 2.5-7 PCBway

Special Edition Lab by Dimension Plus

Special Edition - Berliner Jewelry

Download gerber files or order from PCBway

Version 1.4 Taiwan Edition

Shenzhen Ready - Double sided boards

Playing around with different combination of copper layer and soldermask... Gold-coated and matte black soldermaks. sometimes a bit of white silkscreen.

Frontside Show all Copper, Backside Black-covered

All Black

Naked board - looks like DIY?

Tokyo Edition

Pfff... with this process. kinda difficult to change the designs. but the top text easy to replace.

Comments and ideas

  • fix the pads for the 3535 Neo-pixels

Old Notes and Ideas

Or of course just black on the board, not the cupper.

The Dark Side of the Board

Features to add on the backside

Pads for adding extra stuff

Audio extras:

  • volume wheel
  • Mosfet (which one?) amplification stage for driving speakers
  • sot23 or 223 package? (dusjagr goes for 223)
  • extra Audio Filters - Wolfgang style

Power extras:

  • USB micro pads (only power lines)
  • pads for SMD battery holder CR2032 (for Ucok)
  • (LiPo charging circuit...) maybe next time...

Sync and connectivity

  • Extra connections for the Sync-out from Reset pin (missing so far)
  • Uwe's Sync circuit (sot223? what part?)
  • CV in 2 for geeks

Other connections:

  • solder-pads below for potentiometers
  • through hole for the 8pin DIL socket?
  • ISP pads. just in case (standard and mixtape un-standard)
  • side pin-headers also from below solderable

Extra designs and logos

  • hmmmm.. so many credits don't fit on the frontside



Some japanese fonts:

PCBway order details

Discussion about easy available parts for manufacturing and DIY

SMD 1206 or 0805 or both?

The Audio Plug

For the 8Bit Mixtape we go for a 2 plug system.

To think about:

  • SMD or Throug-Hole
  • should the plug be on the back or front -> stability of board when on the table.
  • colors?


TRS or TRRS, switched or not?

This one can be soldered on the backside or the front!
but not switched and only TRS.

A claassic! i kinda like it. we could add a little speaker to the board and switch it off. Also do some magic on detecting the sound-prog cable is not plugged and go directly to the code. but not TRRS.

TRRS could be used to send the sync signal and connect all mixtapes together.

Power management?

Power switch



5050 or 3535?

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