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5 History of the Coconut

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Center for Alternative Coconut Research

Summarizing a bit the history of the developments and project that led to this!

See a presentation by dusjagr

It all started in Goa

After years of geeking in the SGMK community, HomeMade SummerCamps and a.n.y.m.a. Research weeks.

Foundation of the Center for Alternative Coconut Research 2011

We really needed to put a GNUSB into a Coconut for a "Wave-to-MIDI" converter.

Michi presents the BabyGnusbuino at the SGMK DIY-Umtrunk, 2012

dusjagr thinks really hard about coconuts, Bangalore 2015

... and Yogyakarta

The "first" BabyGnusbuino Workshop in Yogya 2013

8Bit Mixtapes

Geeking like crazy.... finding Viznut's OneLiner and implementing them on a BabyGnusbuino.

First Mixtape Prototype 2013

Previous Memories

SGMK Homemade 2007

Offene Do-It-Yourself-Arbeitswoche für **geniale Experimentierer. **The art of 8Bit sounds on microcontrollers...!

K_Space - Kathmandu Space Programme 2016

How to put a coconut satellie in low orbit?


And various other previous work

other synth projects and audio programming by Christoph Haberer:


Stickers are here!

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