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A ReactJS App that's already setup to connect with 8base Authentication and GraphQL API πŸŽ‰
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🎱 8base + ReactJS Starter App 🏎️

This project is a starter app for getting started with ReactJS + 8base! The app is pre-configured to use 8base user authentication, GraphQL API, and Recompose, so you can immediately hop into building something awesome.

You'll need to create an 8base workspace and Authentication Profile. Once that's done... ALL you need to do is set some enironment variables!

Running the App

To run the app, you're going to need to first install its dependencies.

$ npm install
  1. The .env file provides a template of the required environment variables. Please do not commit any environment variables to git tracking. Running the following command will copy the .env template a new .env.local file that's already specified in the .gitignore.
cat .env > .env.local

All variables in the template are collected from your workspace and get used to enable both authentication and api connectivity.

  1. Run the app... seriously, just run it now.
npm run start
  1. Visit http://localhost:8080 to test it out.


There are several awesome things that have been done in this application to help you get started. Let's take a look at them:

  1. User Authentication The app enables sign-in and sign-up functionality using 8base auth (auth0 under the hood). Plus, it gives an example of enforcing authentication at the router level using a ProtectedRoute component.

The relevant files are:

  • src/shared/components/ProtectedRoute.js - Forces authentication redirect on protected routes.
  • src/shared/auth/index.js - Configures and exports 8base auth client using env variables.
  • src/components/AuthButton.js - Provides sign-in / sign-out button based on auth state.
  • src/routes/auth/routes/callback/index.js - Handle auth redirect and add/identify user.
  • src/routes/auth/index.js - Loading screen for authorizing user.
  • src/Application.js - Supplies AuthClient to AppProvider to inject auth as prop.
  1. GraphQL API The app utilizes an 8base workspace for accessing and updating it's data using the GraphQL API. The code for this can utilize either a simple API client that gets initialized, or Recompose. Examples of both exist in the AuthCallback component and the "Profile" page.

The relevant files are:

  • src/shared/api/index.js - Imports and initializes API Client using workspace endpoint env variable.
  • src/shared/graphql/index.js - Build a library of GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions.
  • src/routes/auth/routes/callback/index.js - Uses API Client to make authenticated queries.
  • src/routes/profile/index.js - Uses compose to query API and render profile page.
  1. Styles (or not...) This project is totally unstyles, minus a few minor css classes. If you'd like to add your own styling, go for it! However, we didn't want your first few steps being to rip out a chosen CSS framework to begin implimenting another.


Feel welcome to fork this project and change it as you need, or submit a pull request with comments and improvements!

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