Library for creating and rendering 2D animations and patterns.
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PixelMaestro is a graphics library for LED displays. It lets you create dynamic, colorful 2D animations and patterns on any size display. Originally designed for Arduinos, PixelMaestro can be used to drive any kind of display on any kind of device.


Getting Started

Click here for a tutorial on using PixelMaestro, or read the documentation.

If you want to run PixelMaestro on an Arduino, you can do so via the Arduino IDE or PlatformIO. For detailed instructions, see the examples folder.

Companion App

PixelMaestro has a companion desktop application called PixelMaestro Studio. PixelMaestro Studio lets you create custom animations, save and share configurations, control devices over USB, and more. Click here to learn more about PixelMaestro Studio.

Running Tests

PixelMaestro uses the Catch framework to run tests. Compiling the test suite requires CMake 3.6.2 or higher.

  1. Navigate to the tests folder.
  2. Run cmake .
  3. Navigate to the bin folder and run PixelMaestro_Test.


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