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PostgreSQL and Java: training
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PostgreSQL and Java training

This repository contains the source code of the examples and code demos included in some of the "PostgreSQL and Java" trainings that 8Kdata delivers.

Java source code

Included in the java directory are some maven-ized Java projects:

  • helloJDBC: an iterative approach to JDBC, where a simple example is improved across several executable programs, adding better JDBC constructs and Java best-practices
  • hellojOOQ: a simple project to show how to take back control of your SQL with jOOQ
  • helloMyBatis: a simple project so show how to use the MyBatis mapper
  • helloProcessBuilder: connect to PostgreSQL via the stdin

Example database

Included in the db directory is an example database used by the projects in the java folder. This database is derived from the PgFoundry Sample Databases world database.

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