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esp8266ndn on nRF52

Project member: Junxiao Shi

During the hackathon, I ported esp8266ndn library to Adafruit nRF52 platform.

  • BleServerTransport is adapted for nRF52 Bluefruit library, but it's using 16-bit UUIDs instead of 128-bit due to apparent bugs in Bluefruit library.
  • Security are software backed.
  • All existing unit tests (covering face internals and security) are passing.
  • These are tested on Adafruit nRF52832 Feather device.
  • Changes do not break compilation on ESP8266 and ESP32, as confirmed by Travis CI.
  • There's currently no CI for nRF52.

Code for this effort is in esp8266ndn repository. This repository contains a PlatformIO project of the BlePingServer example, adding a LED blinking effect.

I also wrote, an NFD to Bluetooth Low Energy proxy. The proxy creates a BLE transport to nRF52 or ESP32 and a Unix socket transport to NFD, and transfers packets between them.

Comparing to NDN-Lite, esp8266ndn library allows the use of Arduino IDE, which is popular among maker community. Furthermore, esp8266ndn library is based on ndn-cpp-lite, which ensures wire format compatibility at all times. is a new valuable tool to test compatibility between heterogeneous entities for esp8266ndn and NDN-Lite alike.

Since this is a one person project, I only accomplished a subset of the originally planned tasks. This subset was intended for 2 participants, which indicates I've been working at 200% efficiency.