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Updates docs with valid json for volumes
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2 parents c4618c7 + 37c8c41 commit 6a11f0dcadd47d6dd3958556c7696416ab56e4c4 @slagyr slagyr committed Dec 12, 2012
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@@ -148,15 +148,15 @@ are a hash describing the volume. There are really three variations:
1) Mounting an existing volume by using the volume_id:
- "volumes": {"/dev/sda3" => {"volume_id": "volume-abc123"}}
+ "volumes": {"/dev/sda3": {"volume_id": "volume-abc123"}}
2) Mount a new volume based on an existing snapshot:
- "volumes": {"/dev/sda4" => {"snapshot_id": "snapshot-abc123"}}
+ "volumes": {"/dev/sda4": {"snapshot_id": "snapshot-abc123"}}
3) Mount a new volume of a given size:
- "volumes": {"/dev/sda5" => {"size": 16}}
+ "volumes": {"/dev/sda5": {"size": 16}}
If volumes are not specified, AWS will apply the default volume setup in the management console.

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