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A Hyperion implementation for PostgreSQL


Natively Supported

  • java.lang.Boolean as column type BOOLEAN
  • java.lang.Integer as column type INTEGER
  • java.lang.Long as column type BIGINT
  • java.lang.Double as column type FLOAT
  • java.lang.String as column type VARCHAR

Supported by Packer/Unpacker

  • java.lang.Byte as column type SMALLINT (will unpack to an Integer by default)
  • java.lang.Short as column type INTEGER (will unpack to a Long by default)
  • java.lang.Float as column type FLOAT (will unpack to a Double by default)
  • java.lang.Character as column type VARCHAR
  • clojure.lang.Keyword same as java.lang.String


Copyright © 2012 8th Light, Inc.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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