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8th Wall XR


8th Wall XR for Unity enables developers to quickly and easily build AR apps that run on all Android or iOS devices. It provides easy-to use APIs for lighting, surfaces, textures, and 3D tracking.


Sample Unity Projects

  • 8th Wall XR - Tutorial - A simple unity scene containing a table with a TV on top of it. Use as a base project to learn how to AR-enable after downloading the 8th Wall XR unity package.
  • 8th Wall XR - Demo - The same scene as above, but preconfigured with all of the 8th Wall XR controllers added to scene objects. Just install the 8th Wall XR unity package and build!


  • DragAlongSurface.cs - Tap on an object and drag to move it along a surface
  • MeshVisualizer.cs - Displays the mesh of an object. Attach to the same object that has an XRSurfaceController, and enable "Deform To Surface" to visualize the shape of the detected surface"
  • PlaceObject.cs - Tap to place an object in your scene. If tap hits a surface, object will be placed on surface. If not, it will be placed at touch point at a specified distance in front of the camera.
  • SunlightController.cs - A script that controls the rotation of a Directional Light in your scene based on the position of the sun. Makes AR shadows look more realistic by aligning their direction with real world shadows outside.
  • SurfaceVisualizer.cs - Script that will visualize all detected surfaces and display information about the number/type of surfaces. Can assign different materials for horizontal vs vertical surfaces. Use with SurfaceOcclusion.mat & SurfaceOcclusion.shader to occlude game objects that are behind detected surfaces.
  • WorldPointsRenderer.cs - Visualize detected WorldPoints in your scene. Attach to any game object.
  • XRImageDetectionController.cs - Script that makes it easy to define a set of image targets to detect.
  • XRImageDetectionTargetController.cs - Attach this to the game object you want to be anchored/triggered when a tracked image it detected.