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A utility to generate RAML documentation from Swagger JSON.


swagger2raml can be used either from command line (requires Java to be on the PATH) or as a Java library.

Command line

java -jar swagger2raml-1.0.0.jar [-o outputFileName] <swaggerApiUrl>


  • outputFileName is an optional parameter to specify the RAML file name (default is api.raml),
  • swaggerApiUrl is the URL of the Swagger API endpoint which provides resource listing as JSON.

Your application

RamlGenerator.generateFromSwaggerUrl(String url, String outputFileName)

method with the parameters as described in the command line usage.

Grab the JAR from Maven (Bintray or Maven Central repository) or use the bundled one:


repositories {

compile ''



Bundled JAR

Add swagger2raml-1.0.0-bundled.jar from Releases to your CLASSPATH

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.