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Development Diary

This video game is heavily inspired by an album called By Inheritance This is a revamping of my Jump and Shoot/Galloping Gun Unity game Here are old gameplay videos from the previous projects:

TODO: Add useage/installation or a good standard README for Unity projects.


  • Change the mechanic so that shooting a target breaks it open and then you hit a key to rapidly dash into where the target was to gain a new jump
  • Add a new gun pickup/dialog/pickup system
  • An X-shaped muzzle flare for the new gun
  • With the gun incorporate a better visual jump bar system (hexagonal barrel of new gun)
  • Possible rotating halves of a ring for a in game 3D mesh reticle?!
  • Octahedron bullets and light source only on the muzzle flare not on bullets
  • Make new hand monsters + Warren Oates
  • Make more goals...