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InsideInsights is a tool for managing insights during data analysis. The system bridges cores aspects from literate computing, provenance tracking, and data-driven storytelling. In short, the system allows users to create interactive hierarchical data-driven reports during analysis, that at any point can be shared, reviewed, and extended. It was published as a research paper at the EuroVis conference in June 2019:

Andreas Mathisen, Tom Horak, Clemens N. Klokmose, Kaj Grønbæk, and Niklas Elmqvist. 2019. InsideInsights: Integrating Data-Driven Reporting in Collaborative Visual Analytics. Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. IEEE EuroVis 2019), 2019. DOI:

For an overview, read our Medium blog post.


InsideInsights is build upon Vistrates (a visualization component model), Codestrates (a JavaScript-based computational notebook), and Webstrates. In essence, users can alternate between the notebook interface and the InsideInsights interface as needed.

In order to use InsideInsights, you need to setup a server with Webstrates and install Codestrates. See the Codestrates GitHub repo as well as the Webstrates documentation for more details.

InsideInsights itself is implemented as Vistrates meta-package. As we have slightly adapted Vistrates itself (e.g. to support composite components), please use the version provided in this repo along with the InsideInsights packages. The Codestrates package management offers an Import Packages option, where you can upload the zip-file or directly link to this repo.

Please note that you still need to manually install and configure any data, computation, and visualization components from the Vistrates framework. Or, develop your own analysis components.


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