A curated list of awesome onboarding new developers resources.
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Awesome Onboarding

A curated list of awesome onboarding new developers resources.

Articles & Posts

  1. Onboarding New Hires with Trello
  2. The Importance of Onboarding Developers
  3. Developer & employee onboarding best practices
  4. If you want your new engineers to hit the ground running, give them a soft landing
  5. Onboarding Junior Developers
  6. Facebook Engineering Bootcamp
  7. The grunts are geeks at Facebook Bootcamp
  8. Onboarding Junior Developers
  9. Supporting developer-onboarding with enhanced resource finding and visual exploration
  10. Get New IT Pros Up to Speed Fast With This Onboarding Checklist
  11. How to Build an Onboarding Plan for a New Hire
  12. The First Day On The Job
  13. Bizarre Hiring Rituals
  14. Continuously Improving Onboarding (Archive.org)
  15. Alternative On-Boarding: Getting Employees Happy on Day One
  16. Onboarding
  17. Why you don’t commit code on your first day (Archive.org)
  18. Deploy Code Your First Day
  19. A developers first day at work
  20. From novice to protégé: how to onboard a developer at startup
  21. Startup Life: Some Suggestions for Bringing New Developers Onboard
  22. All On-board! Giving New Hires the Tools to Succeed
  23. Onboarding your new designer
  24. How to make your Developer On-boarding Process Idiot Proof(Resistant)
  25. Onboarding New Developers


  1. Atlassian Bootcamp: How We Onboard New Developers
  2. Onboard new developers, really fast


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