Get free paper brand catalog in letterbox (Only for France)
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pub-mon-voisin is a node.js module to receive French free (paper) catalog. This module is used by the french website

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From one or more letterbox defined in JSON by:

  • Title (Mr...)
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Adress (number and street name)
  • Zipcode
  • Town (France only)

Receive free paper catalog from one or more brands. List of them is defined in JSON.


You can install pub-mon-voisin and its dependencies with npm:

npm install pub-mon-voisin.


// Recipient definition 
var recipient = { 							
        			"firstname" : "Joseph",
        			"lastname" : "SOUCY",
        			"number_address" : "64",
        			"address" : "boulevard Aristide Briand",
        			"zipcode" : "76120",
        			"town" : "LE GRAND-QUEVILLY"

var postman = require('PubMonVoisin');	

	if (err) console.log(err);


letterBox(who, [what], callback);


  • who, the recipient definition
  • what, optional, array containing list of catalogs brand
  • callback with error return or succes message

Callback receives (error, response).

Catalogs list JSON object

You could update catalogs.json with your own catalogs list. For example, if you need to define list for US, UK or other coutries catalogs brand.

The module use this list to perform POST request with needle.

The JSON object identified by a catalog name is defined by 3 attributes:

  • url: contains the field post-url setting the calling POST url

  • who: setting the bridge between the recipient attributes and the POST parameters

  • specific: setting others POST parameters.

      	"url": {
      		"name":"Catalog name",
      		"posturl": ""  
      	"who": {
      		"email" : "email_address",				
      		"firstname": "firstname",
      		"lastname": "lastname",
      		"completeaddress": "street_address",
      		"zipcode" :"postcode",
      		"town" : "city"
      	"specific": {

Recipient JSON object

Recipient JSON object defines who has to receive catalogs.

var who = { 	
        		"firstname" : "Joseph",
        		"lastname" : "SOUCY",
				"number_address" : "64",
        		"address" : "boulevard Aristide Briand",
        		"zipcode" : "76120",
        		"town" : "LE GRAND-QUEVILLY"

Email is build with (Disposable, Anonymous and Free email address):

So after registration, you could check yopmail maibox.

Running tests

To run the tests under node you will need mocha and should installed (it's listed as a devDependencies so npm install from the checkout should be enough), then do

$ npm test

Project status

pub-mon-voisin is currently maintained by Yassine Azzout.

Authors and contributors



MIT license