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#ifndef LinearList2_h
#define LinearList2_h
typedef struct _node{
int value;
struct _node *next;
} Node;
typedef struct _list{
Node *head;
Node *last;
int len;
} List;
List createList();
Node* createNode(int number);
void listInit(List* pList);
void listAddNode(List* pList, int number);
Node* findNodeFrontOf(List* pList, Node* node);
Node* findNodeById(List* l, int index);
Node* findNodeByValue(List* pList, int value);
int getLength(List* pList);
void printAll(List* pList);
int delNode(List* pList, Node* del);
int delNodeById(List* pList, int index);
int delNodeByValue(List* pList, int value);
int getNodeValueById(List* pList, int index);
void setNodeValueById(List* pList, int index, int value);
void insertInto(List* pList, int index, int x);
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