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Repository for community designed mezzanine boards for the 96boards specification.
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96boards Community Mezzanine Initiative

About this Project

This is a community led, organized and maintained initiative. This repository is for designing mezzanine addon boards based on the 96Boards family of 96boards specifications.

Contributing and Reporting Issues

Community contributions are always Welcome! Before contributing to a project, first get the approval from maintainer by raising a GitHub issue using the following guidelines.

Take a look at our page for more info.

Roadmap and Wishlist

  • Quantized community 96Boards Mezzanine input
  • More boards!

Meetings and notes

An informal steering committee of community members will allocate resources to a variety or projects, all with a grand scope of meeting the needs of the greater 96Boards community.

  • Weekly video conference meetings are open to the public on Zoom. Join every Every 2 weeks on Monday at 16:00 UTC to take part in the discussion.
  • View notes from previous meetings


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