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Please take advantage of the many ROCK960 resources available to you through 96Boards, Rockchip and Vamrs.

  • 96Boards ROCK960 Forum
    • The ROCK960 has its very own 96Boards forum. If you can't find a pre-existing thread that addresses your issue, start your own and let the community help out!
  • IRC
    • #linux-rockchip IRC channel on freenode, discussion about linux on ROCK960 and other Rockchip SoCs.
  • ROCK960
    • Buy the ROCK960 and accessories here!
  • Report a bug!
    • Instructions on how to report bugs for any of our 96Boards hardware and software, this includes the ROCK960!
  • Board Recovery
    • Bricked board? Many software issues can be fixed with a simple "board recovery"