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Program to evolve the Schrodinger Equation and the Wave Equation through time for certain initital states. Mirror of
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Evolution Schemes

How to run

First, try to run the script.

Usage: [-h] [-p progname] [-i initstate] -- program to numerically compute evolutions of initial states to the schrodinger equation and wave equation

    -h, --help                show this help text
    -p, --program <progname>  specify which program to run (schrodinger,wave)
    -i, --initial <initstate> specify what initial state to evolve (eigenstate,gaussian,normal,mover)

For example, if I want to see the gaussian wave packet for the Schrodinger equation, I'd run ./ -p schrodinger -i gaussian.

If the script doesn't work, fallback to the script. Run this with ./

This script will prompt you each time for what you'd like to run. This is less efficient but is POSIX compliant.

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