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An Approximate Solution to the Packing Problem


This project attempts to use an approximate solution to the Bin-Packing Problem for Knolling, a popular photography style. The first-fit algorithm is used.

For more information, please read the paper located in the paper/paper.pdf.


  • ImageMagick
  • feh
  • pwgen (optional for random name generation)

How to use

The program is located in the program directory. The rest of the instructions assume you are acting from within this directory.

There is already a pre-compiled binary of the main program in the repo. To recompile, run make.

To run the program, run ./ It will prompt you for the number of boxes to randomly generate. Type a number for a "demo" of the program. If you wish to use pre-defined box sizes in the config file, type 0.


Main language: C++

Helper language: Shell scripting

Example Result


The result of running the program on a set of 12 randomly generated rectangles. The rectangles represent real-life objects that may be used for knolling.

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