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一个提案指的是被 996.ICU 项目接受的建议文档。 通常一个提案应该给出一个能促进项目或社区本身发展的建议或解决方案。 请阅读提案模板来了解更多细节。


  • 阅读996ICU项目已接受的提案并且尝试提出改进建议。
  • 根据提案建议做出自己力所能及的行动。
  • 对项目或社区的发展提出自己的想法,并通过PR的形式提交到项目组。


A proposal is a document accepted by 996.ICU.
Typically, a proposal should outline a solution or suggestion about the development of the project and community.
For more details, please read the proposal template document.

To help the development of 996.ICU, you can do several things base on proposals.

  • Read the accepted proposals and try to improve them.
  • Take actions according to the accepted proposals.
  • Give your own proposals with a PR following the proposal format.
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