a daily briefing for use with a receipt printer and a cron job
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I said hey, what's going on?

— “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes (1992, Interscope Records)

The Daily Report is a script to output a daily briefing designed for use with a receipt printer (and cron-job / Raspberry Pi).

Usage / sample ouput:

$ ./dailyreport.py

         good morning!
   today is thursday, aug 10
5:29PM                2017-08-10
         65-81°F, 60%p
    chance of a thunderstorm
6:48AM ↑      14:03     8:51PM ↓
     ○ waning gibbous @ 90%
    tomorrow: 58-77°F, 20%p
         partly cloudy
82║×××  │  ···      │        ║58
78║   × │           │  ××    ║46
75║    ¤·      ··   │××··××× ║34
72║  ·· ×··   ·  ··¤×··  ···×║23
69║     │××××××× ×× ·       ·║11
66║··   │       ×   │        ║ 0
°F×  9  12 3  6  9  12 3  6  ·%p
 6:30AM ║ jay @general
all day ║ visit jay (day 6 of 8)
all day ║ summer break (day 43
        ║ of 60)
[] get toothpaste
 17 ║ move in day (2017-08-27)
137 ║ christmas (2017-12-25)
263 ║ birthday (2018-04-30)
→ Aiming Missiles to Fall Near
  Guam, North Korea’s Kim Takes
  New Risk ⟨goo.gl/TSStQP⟩
→ Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Threat
  Raises Alarm in Asia
→ Memo from Europe: Europe’s
  Leaders Curtail Summer
  Holidays in Light of Crises
→ Exclusive: Amazon in talks to
  offer event ticketing in U.S.-
  sources ⟨goo.gl/5YCNw8⟩
@dril: im sorry every one.  the
mayor ran out of key to the
cities so they had to give me
the key to all the girls
bathrooms instead
9881 likes, 1573 rts
2017-08-10 06:40:26AM
Tatiana Tolmacheva
Tatiana Aleksandrovna Tolmacheva
(Russian: Татьяна Александровна
Толмачева; January 21, 1907 –
October 21, 1998 in Moscow), née
Granatkina (Russian: Гранаткина)
was a former Soviet figure
skater, figure skating coach and
one of the founders of Soviet
figure skating school, Honoured
Master of Sports of the USSR.
She started skating as single
skater and represented "Dynamo"
club in the 1930s. Then she
moved to pair skating with
partner Alexander Tolmachev.
S&P 500     -1.06%       2447.90
Dow Jones   -0.93      21,844.01
VIX         +27.45%        14.16
GOLD        +1.208%       96.745
AMZN        -2.06%        961.75
GDX         +1.881%       23.025
MSFT        -0.63%         72.01
RDS-A       -1.13%         56.13
FB          -1.64%        168.37
GOOGL       -1.16%        929.14
TWTR        -1.61%         15.88
AAPL        -2.1719%    156.9456
TSLA        -0.73%        360.86

In order, we see

  • The date and time
  • Today's weather and conditions
  • Today's sunrise, sunset, and total hours of daylight
  • Today's phase of the moon
  • Tomorrow's weather and conditions
  • A graph of temperature and precipitation chances over the next 24 hours
  • Information pulled from Google Calendars, including work shifts, all day events, to-dos, and countdowns.
  • News headlines from Reuters and the New York Times
  • @dril's latest tweet (or nothing if the latest Tweet wasn't made in the past day)
  • A random Wikipedia article
  • Stock prices

Make sure to read/edit prefs.json! It controls all of the program's behavior, from weather location to output format. It is dense by design — I believe you should be able to completely change the output format to suit you without touching the code. Easy modifications for me are an advantage.

Potential usage with cron, to print daily at 6am:

0 6 * * * cd /home/pi/daily-report && git pull && ./dailyreport.py | lpr -l


See customization.md for details on how to customize The Daily Report.


The Daily Report has several dependencies, which you can find by attempting to run ./dailyreport.py and seeing what errors you get.

You will need at least:

  • google-api-python-client
  • python-twitter
  • requests
  • uni2esky, my own library for converting Unicode strings to Esky POS-58 escape sequences. Only necessary if you’d like to print on a receipt printer.
  • extendedformatter, my library for formatting arbitrary strings as f-strings.
  • BeautifulSoup4

Which you can install with

pip install google-api-python-client python-twitter requests uni2esky extendedformatter beautifulsoup4

A larger barrier to entry will be the API keys:

Functionality coming soon, maybe

  • Output like Unix cal(1)
  • Gmail integration
  • ???
  • On this day in history
  • Birthdays
  • Oh god I need to test this whole thing
  • Updated documentation (news & stocks)


Current APIs being used are Weather Underground, Google calendar, and Twitter (may see more use in the future).


API Limits
Wunderground 500 / day
Google Cal 1,000,000 / day
Twitter A Lot


keys.json should have the following keys:

  • wunderground
  • twitter, which should contain:
    • consumer_key
    • consumer_secret
    • access_token
    • access_token_secret


Ah, Google. The Blue Beast. Anyways, to get some Google credentials you'll need to do a few things.

  1. Create a project in the Google Cloud Platform. There's a quota of like 12 projects but considering the calendar read limit of 1,000,000 requests / day I think you'll be OK.
  2. Download your project's credentials, listed under OAuth 2.0 client IDs, by clicking the download icon or the app name and then the download button. Google has the JSON prepared for you, there's no reason to mess with it.
  3. Rename the downloaded file (something like client_secret_{YOUR_CLIENT_ID}.apps.googleusercontent.com) to google_keys.json, or whatever the value of google_key_path in prefs.json is.
  4. Run gen_credentials.py, which will open your default browser, prompting you to log in. This generates the second set of OAuth keys, stored in google_credentials.json (prefs.google_credential_path). You’re done!