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An IRC bot with a RESTful HTTP interface, built on Ruby and EventMachine.
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99designs helpful IRC bot, built on top of IRC Machine, in turn on Ruby and EventMachine.


Plugins are objects which respond to #receive_line, and would will receive a reference to the IrcMachine::Session when instantiated. It should use that reference to send IRC commands.

Plugins may also implement the RESTful HTTP API by creating routes. The pattern for this would look something like:

def initialize(*args)
  route(:get, "/endpoint", :endpoint)

def endpoint(request, match)


You should copy example.json to irc_machine.json, or set IRC_MACHINE_CONF to the name of the config file.

Plugins are enabled by their class name specified in the plugins array, everything under irc_machine/plugin will be loaded at boot time, however.

Default Plugins

We ship agent99 with a small collection of useful plugins for integrating with the services with use- Github, JuiCI, Jenkins and the like.

We also ship a collection of totally unuseful plugins, for generating memes, using Google's images search or yelling Yarr


irc_machine originally by:


agent99 is: © 99designs, 2012, MIT license

All source code from irc_machine is: © Paul Annesley, 2011, MIT license

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