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Garbage collector for Amazon ECR docker registry
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gc Documentation on public types, funcs and packages. Apr 3, 2017


A garbage collector to delete old Docker images from Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR), which by default has a limit of 1,000 images per repository.

Given a list of tag prefixes, aws-ecr-gc deletes all but the newest N images matching those prefixes. Images with tags not matching the listed prefixes are not deleted. Optionally, untagged images are also deleted.

AWS authentication via the standard strategies as implemented in aws-sdk-go. We recommend aws-vault to manage these.


Usage of aws-ecr-gc:
        whether to delete untagged images
  --keep value
        map of image tag prefixes to how many to keep, e.g. --keep release=4 --keep build=8
  --region string
        AWS region (defaults to AWS_DEFAULT_REGION from environment)
  --repo string
        AWS ECR repository name


From the testrepo ECR repository in the us-east-1 AWS region:

  • delete all untagged images,
  • delete all but the latest 4 images with tags starting with release-production,
  • delete all but the latest 8 images with tags starting with build.
$ export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1
$ aws-ecr-gc --repo testrepo --delete-untagged=true --keep release-production=4 --keep build=8
Total images in testrepo (us-east-1): 47
Images to delete (3)
  2017-03-20 03:51:41: sha256:2a1fce5b2... [build-64cd372]
  2017-03-17 17:12:07: sha256:4fe1451fc... [build-1d293f7]
  2017-03-17 16:58:15: sha256:e0a2a1b4f... [build-6d12484]
Deleted (3)
  sha256:2a1fce5b2... (build-64cd372)
  sha256:4fe1451fc... (build-1d293f7)
  sha256:e0a2a1b4f... (build-6d12484)
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