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Package cli provides command line support for cmdstalk.
package cli
import (
// Options contains runtime configuration, and is generally the result of
// parsing command line flags.
type Options struct {
// The beanstalkd TCP address.
Address string
// All == true means all tubes will be watched.
All bool
// The shell command to execute for each job.
Cmd string
// PerTube is the number of workers servicing each tube concurrently.
PerTube uint64
// The beanstalkd tubes to watch.
Tubes TubeList
// TubeList is a list of beanstalkd tube names.
type TubeList []string
// Calls ParseFlags(), os.Exit(1) on error.
func MustParseFlags() (o Options) {
o, err := ParseFlags()
if err != nil {
// ParseFlags parses and validates CLI flags into an Options struct.
func ParseFlags() (o Options, err error) {
o.Tubes = TubeList{"default"}
flag.StringVar(&o.Address, "address", "", "beanstalkd TCP address.")
flag.BoolVar(&o.All, "all", false, "Listen to all tubes, instead of -tubes=...")
flag.StringVar(&o.Cmd, "cmd", "", "Command to run in worker.")
flag.Uint64Var(&o.PerTube, "per-tube", 1, "Number of workers per tube.")
flag.Var(&o.Tubes, "tubes", "Comma separated list of tubes.")
err = validateOptions(o)
func validateOptions(o Options) error {
msgs := make([]string, 0)
if o.Cmd == "" {
msgs = append(msgs, "Command must not be empty.")
if o.Address == "" {
msgs = append(msgs, "Address must not be empty.")
if len(msgs) == 0 {
return nil
} else {
return errors.New(strings.Join(msgs, "\n"))
// Set replaces the TubeList by parsing the comma-separated value string.
func (t *TubeList) Set(value string) error {
list := strings.Split(value, ",")
for i, value := range list {
list[i] = value
*t = list
return nil
func (t *TubeList) String() string {
return fmt.Sprint(*t)
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