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HTTP Basic auth for ElasticSearch

This plugin provides an extension of ElasticSearchs HTTP Transport module to enable HTTP Basic authorization.

Requesting / does not request authentication to simplify health heck configuration.


Download the current version from and copy it to plugins/http-basic.


The plugin is disabled by default. Enabling basic authorization will disable the default HTTP Transport module.

http.basic.enabled: true
http.basic.user: "my_username"
http.basic.password: "my_password"

Be aware that the password is stored in plain text.


$ curl -v localhost:9200 # works
$ curl -v --user my_username:my_password localhost:9200/foo # works
$ curl -v --user my_username:password localhost:9200/foo # sends 401


This will not send WWW-Authorize headers - this is due to elasticsearch not allowing to add custom headers to responses.


Please file your issue here: