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Contribution Guidelines

Want to contribute to gqlgen? Here are some guidelines for how we accept help.

Getting in Touch

Our gitter channel is the best place to ask questions or get advice on using gqlgen.

Reporting Bugs and Issues

We use GitHub Issues to track bugs, so please do a search before submitting to ensure your problem isn't already tracked.

New Issues

Please provide the expected and observed behaviours in your issue. A minimal GraphQL schema or configuration file should be provided where appropriate.

Proposing a Change

If you intend to implement a feature for gqlgen, or make a non-trivial change to the current implementation, we recommend first filing an issue marked with the proposal tag, so that the engineering team can provide guidance and feedback on the direction of an implementation. This also help ensure that other people aren't also working on the same thing.

Bug fixes are welcome and should come with appropriate test coverage.

New features should be made against the next branch.


By contributing to gqlgen, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its MIT license.