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@vektah vektah released this
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Another huge release. Lots of changes under the covers as we march on towards 1.0

This release requires golang 1.11+


  • we now support go modules - see the new getting started guide
  • First cut of the new plugin system. model and resolver generation are now plugins and can be replaced if you want. See plugins for more details.
  • There can now be multiple backing go types for a given graphql type. This means we can now support int, int32 and int64 at the same time for Int. You can also use this logic for automatically mapping protobuf timestamps to graphql Time. See config for the new config keys. - #534
  • Support for directives on arguments and input fields - #460
  • Enums now generate an AllEnum list, so you can easily enumerate all valid values - #486
  • more validation of schemas, less weird errors (hopefully) - #526
  • check IsZero on types that support it and convert to nulls on the wire - #540
  • improved collect fields api and docs - #551


  • Some small performance improvements - #465
  • we now always return pointers to structs from resovers - #375


  • some response were not setting the correct content type header - #532 #498
  • some case collision issues - #541
  • panics in weird places should be handled more gracefully - #554
  • Lots and lots of smaller bugs