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HTML Purifier Extras
    The Method Behind The Madness!

The extras/ folder in HTML Purifier contains--you guessed it--extra things
for HTML Purifier.  Specifically, these are two extra libraries called
FSTools and ConfigSchema.  They're extra for a reason: you don't need them
if you're using HTML Purifier for normal usage: filtering HTML.  However,
if you're a developer, and would like to test HTML Purifier, or need to
use one of HTML Purifier's maintenance scripts, chances are they'll need
these libraries. Who knows: maybe you'll find them useful too!

Here are the libraries:


Short for File System Tools, this is a poor-man's object-oriented wrapper for
the filesystem. It currently consists of two classes:

- FSTools: This is a singleton that contains a manner of useful functions
  such as recursive glob, directory removal, etc, as well as the ability
  to call arbitrary native PHP functions through it like $FS->fopen(...).
  This makes it a lot simpler to mock these filesystem calls for unit testing.

- FSTools_File: This object represents a single file, and has almost any
  method imaginable one would need.

Check the files themselves for more information.

    vim: et sw=4 sts=4