Your own boilerplate code to start your next big javascript project. We incorporate the best design practices with best in market open source libraries.
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BoilerplateJS - JavaScript Reference Architecture


We wrote boilerplateJS to take the pain out of large scale Javascript/HTML5 product development.

  • BoilerplateJS is a collection of product engineering patterns, and a solid integration of industry-leading Javascript frameworks.
  • It is NEITHER a website building tool, NOR a utility library solving just a single concern (such as MVC).
  • BoilerplateJS is your own startup code to kickstart your next large-scale javascript product. It is just that we did some basic coding and library integrations to make your life easy!


BoilerplateJS code is free for commercial and non-commercial deployment and distribution. BoilerplateJS is released under the MIT License

Architectural Concerns - Large Scale Development

BoilerplateJS addresses the following concerns that you will have in large-scale javascript development:

  • Structuring the codebase
  • Best practices of OO + Functional programming
  • Building a product suite with complex product module hierachy
  • URL routing, browser history, back/forward buttons
  • Self contained UI components
  • JS Unit Testing
  • Inter-module event messaging
  • Localization support
  • Minification, obfuscation and optimization
  • Documentation Generation

##Project Home## You will find more details and live samples at our project website: