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How do I run this?
1) Do a git clone to "pdfxray" - the project won't work if your folder holding the source is not labeled this (blame django).
2) Download the following items:

django -
django-pagination -
python setuptools -
python matplotlib - pulled from ubuntu repos
mongo -
mysql - pulled from ubuntu repos
python-mysqldb - pulled from ubuntu repos
pymongo -
python ghostscript -
python-simplejson -

3) Fill in the settings with your database information for mysql
4) Add to your Apache Site settings - WSGIScriptAlias / /var/www/pdfxray/django.wsgi
5) Run a python syncdb
6) Should be good to go

Is this the same copy from

Are there any catches to all of this?
No, but you should share. Sharing is caring.

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