A jQuery Plugin for Wikipedia and Other Wikis
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A jQuery Plugin for Wikipedia and Other Wikis. All you have to do is call it on an element and Wikiblurb will populate that element with data from a wiki...

<script type="text/javascript">
        wikiURL: "http://fallout.wikia.com/",
        apiPath: '',
        section: 0,
        page: 'Fallout',
        removeLinks: false,	    
        type: 'text',
        customSelector: '',
        callback: function(){ 
            console.log('Data loaded...');


Below is a listing of options your can set....

Option Value Default Value Description Example
wikiURL String "http://en.wikipedia.org/" The base URL of the wiki you want to get data from with trailing slash included wikiURL: "http://fallout.wikia.com/"
apiPath String "w" Any additional path needed to be added to properly get data from the API (no slashes). Wikipedia uses "w" but often this will be an empty string for other wikis. wikiURL: ""
page String "Jimi_Hendrix" The name of the wiki page. page: "Brazil"
section Integer or null 0 The section of the wiki you want to get data from. The entire page of content will be returned if section is set to null. section: 4
removeLinks Boolean false Setting this option to true will return just text data and will not have any links present. removeLinks: true
type String "all" Possible values are "text", "blurb", "infobox", and "custom" type: "infobox"
customSelector String "" If the type setting is set to "custom", then this is the selector that Wikiblurb will look for customSelector: ".mw-class"
callback Function function() { } Callback that executes after data has been successfully loaded function() { alert("Data loaded..."); }