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Documentation is inconsistent at best #11

ranterle opened this Issue October 24, 2012 · 2 comments

3 participants

Matthias Wenz Joshua Burnett dlsharp
Matthias Wenz

The docs for using this plugin are severely inconsistent.
After reading the docs I don't know any method fair enough to build my own Job implementations.

I know it's hard and nobody has time for it so I don't blame anybody - but we really need a working (and well documented) quartz plugin for several projects - so I'd like to help.

Joshua Burnett

We would always love the help. It can be tough to write docs for a new user when one is so close to the project.
There also 2 sample test projects in there to help out. Did you take a look at those?


I've looked at the examples and they all seem to use the RAMJobStore. I'm having problems configuring the plugin to use a JDBCJobStore. I've got it configured, but it can't find the datasource, which is confusing because the original Quartz plugin seemed to use the datasource defined in my application's grails-app/conf/DataSource.groovy and I would have expected the Quartz2 plugin to do the same.

Googling for answers, sends me to the raw Quartz2 site which doesn't really help because it's more of a grails integration question, not a "how do I configure Quartz" question.

Joshua Burnett basejump closed this January 25, 2013
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