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JDBC in cluster Job does not have grailsApplication injected correctly #6

mamsterla opened this Issue Jun 9, 2012 · 0 comments


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I have implemented a job:

import org.quartz.Job
import org.quartz.JobExecutionContext
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory
import org.slf4j.Logger


  • Created with IntelliJ IDEA.

  • User: mamster

  • Date: 6/8/12

  • Time: 8:29 PM
    public class PopularImageJob implements Job {

    private static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(PopularImageJob.class);

    def grailsApplication
    def imageService

    public PopularImageJob() {}

    void execute(JobExecutionContext jobExecutionContext) {
    log.info("Called job: ${jobExecutionContext.jobDetail.key.name} - grailsApplication = ${grailsApplication} imageService = ${imageService} jobExecutionContext = ${jobExecutionContext.dump()}")
    assert grailsApplication != null


This is registered in Config.groovy like this:

'''grails.plugin.quartz2.autostartup = true
org {
quartz {
jdbcStore = true
waitForJobsToCompleteOnShutdown = true
overwriteExistingJobs = true
jobStore.misfireThreshold = 60000
jobStore.class = 'org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.JobStoreTX'
jobStore.driverDelegateClass = 'org.quartz.impl.jdbcjobstore.StdJDBCDelegate'
jobStore.useProperties = false
jobStore.tablePrefix = QRTZ_
jobStore.isClustered = true
jobStore.clusterCheckinInterval = 5000
plugin.shutdownhook.class = 'org.quartz.plugins.management.ShutdownHookPlugin'
plugin.shutdownhook.cleanShutdown = true
grails.plugin.quartz2.jobSetup.job1 = { quartzScheduler, ctx ->
// define the job and tie it to our HelloJob class
def map = [name:"popularImageJob",jobClass:PopularImageJob.class, concurrent:false, jobData:[gormSession:true] ]
JobDetail jobDetail = new SimpleJobDetail(map)
jobDetail.concurrentExectionDisallowed = true

    // Trigger the job to run now, and then every 40 seconds
    Trigger trigger = new SimpleTriggerImpl(name:"popularImageTrigger", startTime:new Date(),repeatInterval:300000,repeatCount:-1)
    // Tell quartz to schedule the job using our trigger
    quartzScheduler.scheduleJob(jobDetail, trigger);


I see the job running correctly, but the assertion of grailsApplication != null fails.
If I take the same job and run it with a RAMJobStore, it works as expected injecting the grailsApplication

At the same time, you cannot use the other mechanism since the service is not serializable in the JobDataMap

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