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#How to burn the firmware to flash

you must have a hicat board with a uboot already burned.

then connect the UART0 on the ARM9 Hisiv chip. and then use the command as below[recomendly using Hyper Terminal to finish this]:

loady 0x82000000

then send file on Hyper Terminal with xmodern protocal. choose the uImage file under https://github.com/9crk/libhisiv/opt/

sf probe 0
sf erase 0x100000 0x300000
sf write 0x82000000 0x100000 0x300000    
loady 0x82000000

then send the rootfs file to the board.

sf erase 0x400000 0xC00000
sf write 0x82000000 0x400000 0x500000
setenv bootargs 'mem=32M console=ttyAMA0,115200 root=/dev/mtdblock2 rootfstype=jffs2 mtdparts=hi_sfc:1M(boot),3M(kernel),12M(rootfs)'
setenv bootcmd 'sf probe 0;sf read 0x82000000 0x100000 0x300000;bootm 0x82000000'

then reboot the board or execute 'reset' command.

#How to use opencv Demo

  1. clone this repo
  2. then install the compiler
  3. compile the apps under 'app' dir with ./build.sh
  4. copy the app dir to the board
  5. copy the opt/opencvlib dir to the board at /www/mmc/opencv/opencvlib
  6. cd app && source env.sh
  7. execute './capture' to capture an image named 'myImage.jpg'
  8. execute './match model.jpg' to find the object model.jpg in the camera.
  9. then you can browser the result hi.jpg on

#About rtspserver and libhisiv.a

rtspserver have two demo:

you can rename any of it as 'rtspserver',then it will be run in the next boot. or run /hicat/launch.sh restart to restart all services. libhisiv.a contains all the camera function.as below:

extern int venc_exit(int n);//0 
extern int venc_init(int resolve);//0:720P 1:QVGA 2:VGA
extern int venc_requestIDR();
extern int venc_getFrame(char* buffer,int *datalen);//get h264 frame data.
extern int venc_rotate(int dir);//0:no rotate 2:180 digree rotate.
extern int venc_getYUV(int mode,char*buff);//get YUV data.

#How to install software pack

  • old way before 20160417
  1. unpack the hicat2016xxxx.tar
  2. cp hicat2016xxxx /
  3. cd /hicat
  4. ./launch.sh install
  5. then the board will reboot.
  • new way for sd upgrade after 20160418
  1. execute 'lrz' command to send libhicat/opt/hi_sd.sh into the board (any where)
  2. format the sd card with fat32 format in default param. or use mkfs.vfat on Linux OS
  3. then execute chmod +x hi_sd.sh && ./hi_sd.sh, the board will reboot

#How to upgrade

  1. Formating the SD card with vfat or fat32 mode.
  2. then copy the hicat2016xxxx.tar package to the SD card.
  3. press the reset button (RST_PBC)
  4. connect the power supply.
  5. wait for the board reset again.

#What's more zwebs https://9crk@bitbucket.org/zhouhua/hicat_zwebs.git

#How to use programming with serial port on Hisiv libSerial https://github.com/9crk/libSerial.git

ATTENTION!!! from hicat20160413 on, the rtsp change to http-rtp server new video play url is: