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Sentinel exporter for promethous
Python SaltStack
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Sentinel exporter

This is simple Sentinel exporter for prometheus monitoring system

It really useful when your sentinel manages more than one redis-sets.

Right now it just exposes metrics:

  • Amount of slaves
  • Current status of Sentinel masters
  • Amount of sentinels


There is not yet, so before launching you need to install some dependencies:

Using pip:

pip install prometheus_client
pip install redis

For Debian-like systems

apt-get install python-prometheus-client python-redis 

For Centos-like systems

yum install python-prometheus_client python-redis


cp ./sentinel_exporter/sentinel_exporter /usr/bin/sentinel_exporter
cp ./sentinel_exporter/systemd/sentinel_exporter.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/sentinel-exporter.service
cp ./sentinel_exporter/systemd/sentinel_exporter_opts
sudo systemctl enable sentinel-exporter
sudo systemctl start sentinel-exporter

#Just in case check if it has been launched good
sudo systemctl status sentinel-exporter


python sentinel_exporter 

Avaliables argumets to pass

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -addr ADDR            hostname to connect
  -port PORT            port to connect (default ":5000")
  -sleeptime SLEEPTIME  sleep time beetween probes
  -weblisten WEBLISTEN  Address to listen (default ":8000")


  • sentinel_status - Status of sentinel. 0 means OK
  • sentinel_slaves - Amount of connected slaves
  • sentinel_sentinels - Amount of working sentinels


# HELP sentinel_status Status of sentinel. 0 means OK
# TYPE sentinel_status gauge
sentinel_status{address="",name="cluster_name_1"} 0.0
sentinel_status{address="",name="cluster_name_2"} 0.0
sentinel_status{address="",name="cluster_name_3"} 0.0
# HELP sentinel_slaves Count of connected slaves
# TYPE sentinel_slaves gauge
sentinel_slaves{address="",name="cluster_name_1"} 0.0
sentinel_slaves{address="",name="cluster_name_2"} 0.0
sentinel_slaves{address="",name="cluster_name_3"} 0.0
# HELP sentinel_sentinels Count of working sentinels
# TYPE sentinel_sentinels gauge
sentinel_sentinels{address="",name="cluster_name_1"} 0.0
sentinel_sentinels{address="",name="cluster_name_2"} 0.0
sentinel_sentinels{address="",name="cluster_name_3"} 0.0


  • Create a docker
  • Scrape all metrics not only about slaves/sentinels/status
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